About us

Stands the Tartufi di Gubbio shop by Loris Sangiacomo and his Family.

The tenacity of Abruzzo people and the finesse of the Eugubinians have created a niche where to find the best seasonal products: the noble, pregious white, the fine “child of a lesser God” bianchetto, the sincere, appreciated nero pregiato, or the always available scorzone to be tasted cooked all year roud.

Removed by the very skilled truffle hunters, from the most hidden, secret places of the territory area of Gubbio, thes truffle far better than the more titled “cousin” of Alba or the same “brother” of Acqualagna, is reserved to the delicate palates of gourmets and connosseurs and is put on the matket by the Sangiacomos at the right price with a punctual, accurate service in order to satisfy also awkward customers.